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Maître de Conférences CNAM
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Research :

Habilitation à diriger des Recherches: Soutenue le 17 Novemebre 2021: Manuscrit --- Planches
Key words : Lattice Boltzmann Method, multi-component flows, reacting flows, computational fluid dynamics, aeroacoustics, Mixing layer, After-Body flows

Positions for 2022

  • PhD. position: "LBM simulation for real-time CFD" See Details...
  • Master thesis position: "LBM simulation of non-linear Acoustics" See Details...

Present activities:
  • 2020 - PhD student - Alexandre SUSS: "Study and design of an hybrid LBM/Navier-stokes solver for aerodynamic and aeroacoustics simulations." In collaboration with ONERA.
  • 2020 - "Computation of non-linear acoustics in cylinder duct". In collaboration with JB.Doc
  • 2019 - "Comparison of Remeshed-Vortex method and lattice Boltzmann method for incompressible simulations". In collaboration with C.Mimeau and I. Mortazavi
Past activities:
  • 2016 - PhD student - Lucien Vienne: "Study of multi-component and miscible mixing flows by the lattice Boltzmann Method."
  • 2016 - "Study of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability by the Lattice Boltzmann Method" in collaboration with Virginie Daru
  • 2015 - "Developement of adaptive filtering technique for the lattice Boltzmann method" in collaboration with Xavier Gloerfelt
  • 2014 - PhD student - Lorris Charier: "Hybrid RANS/LES modeling for reactive and multi-component flows over rocket-launcher after-bodies."
  • 2012 - PRACE Project: "Simulation of supersonic Mixing layer with temperature gradient", in collaboration with Matteo Bernardini, Sergio Pirozoli and Francesco Grasso
  • 2011 - Postdoctoral fellow at the Jean Lerond d'Alembert Institute(Paris 6): "Advanced methods for the analysis of unsteady flows. " in collaboaration with Philippe Druault and Hadrien Lambaré
  • 2009 - Postdoctoral fellow at CNES: "Study and reduction of aerodynamic unsteady loads on the Vulcain 2 engine nozzle of the Ariane 5 rocket." in collaboration with Hadrien Lambaré
  • 2008 - Postdoctoral fellow at ONERA : "Experimental optimization of separated and reattached flows from ZDES numerical simulations." in collaboration with Sebastien Deck and Pierre-Elie Weiss

PhD thesis: "Study of the Lattice Boltzmann method for aeroacoustic simulations."
Directed by Pierre Sagaut and Denis Ricot.

Movies and animations

LBM simulation of the unsteady wake of a cube at Re=1000

Lattice Boltzmann simulation of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability for Atwood=0.5 and Re=4096. (Left:Vorticity -- Right:Density)

Time evolution of the Q criterion colored by kinetic energy for of Taylor-Green vortex at Re=1600. LBM simulation performed on a 2563 grid. See the isosurface here

Evolution de l'Intensité acoustique moyenne en aval des fentes d'Young. LBM simulation of Young slits.

Lattice Boltzmann simulation of the sound radiated by a 2D square cylinder at Re=100.


Key words : Fluid mechanics, Lattice Boltzmann method, Computational Fluid Dynamics, aeroacoustics, Thermodynamics.

Publications & Conferences

  • [Conf 19] Alexandre Suss , Thomas Le Garrec , Ivan Mary , Simon Marié , Xavier Gloerfelt:
    "Design of a hybrid Lattice-Boltzmann/Navier-stokes solver for aerodynamic and aeroacoustics simulations" ICMMES 2021, Hammamet, Tunisia, 2021 ,
  • [Journal 12] C. Mimeau , S. Marié , I. Mortazavi:
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  • [Journal 11] L. Vienne , S. Marié:
    " A Lattice Boltzmann study of miscible viscous fingering for binary and ternary mixtures" Physical Review F, 2021, Vol 6(5), 053904
  • [Journal 9] L. Vienne , S. Marié , F. Grasso:
    " Lattice Boltzmann model for miscible gases: a forcing term approach" Physical Review E, 2019, Vol 100 (2), 023309
  • [Conf 18] Lucien Vienne , Simon Marié , Francesco Grasso:
    "Lattice Boltzmann model for miscible mixtures: application to the viscous fingering instability" ICMMES, Edimbourgh, UK, 2019 ,
  • [Conf 17] Simon Marié , Xavier Gloerfelt:
    "Adaptive relaxation times for aeroacoustic simulations." ICMMES 2019, Edimbourgh, UK, 2019 ,
  • [Conf 16] Lucien Vienne , Simon Marié , Francesco Grasso:
    "Simulation of Viscous Fingering Instability by the Lattice Boltzmann Method" AIAA AVIATION CFD, Dallas, USA, 2019 AIAA-paper 2019-3432,
  • [Talk 1] Simon Marié:
    "Nature convective et diffusive de la méthode de Boltzmann sur Réseau." Séminaire du LIMSI, Orsay, 2019 ,
  • [Conf 12] L. Vienne , S. Marié , F. Grasso:
    "Lattice Boltzmann simulation of a multicomponent viscous fingering instability at high Schmidt number " 14th ICMMES conference, Nantes, France, 2017 ,
  • [Conf 11] L. Charrier , G. Pont , S. Marié , P. Brenner , F. Grasso:
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  • [Journal 8] L. Charrier , G. Pont , S. Marié , P. Brenner , F. Grasso:
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  • [Journal 7] S. Marié , X. Gloerfelt:
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  • [Conf 10] L. Charrier , G. Pont , S. Marié , P. Brenner , F. Grasso :
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  • [Conf 9] S. Marié , V. Daru:
    "On the use of adaptive filtering with multiphase lattice Boltzmann models." 13th ICMMES conference, Hamburg, Germany, 2016 ,
  • [Conf 8] L. Charrier , M. Jubera , G. Pont , S. Marié , F. Grasso , P. Brenner:
    "Simulations of reactive supersonic/subsonic flow interactions for space launcher applications on FLUSEPA solver." 51st 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics., Strasbourg, France, 2016 FP32-2016,
  • [Journal 5] S.Marié , P.Druault , H. Lambaré , F.Schrijer:
    " Experimental analysis of the pressure-velocity correlations of external unsteady flow over rocket launchers" Aerospace Science and Technology, 2013, Vol 30-1, 83-93
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  • [Conf 4] Y-H. Dong , S. Marié , P. Sagaut:
    "A study of subgrid models in lattice Boltzmann-based large eddy simulation" 22nd International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Adelaide (Australia), 2008 Mechanics Down Under - 11443,
  • [Conf 3] D.Ricot , S.Marié , P.Sagaut:
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  • [Journal 1] Y.Dong , P.Sagaut , S.Marié:
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  • [Conf 2] D.Ricot , S.Marié , P.Sagaut:
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  • [Conf 1] S.Marié , D.Ricot , P.Sagaut:
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